The FLAC Guard Program is a turnkey solution, providing a fully integrated hydrocarbon management and condition based monitoring program.  This solution presents management the information needed to direct and align its maintenance efforts.  FLAC Guard focuses on the root cause of premature failure of equipment, improving reliability.  This option provides the maximum financial benefits.


What is our Objective?


Over the past few years we have developed a predictive maintenance solution that delivers you the following benefits;


·         Reduction in lubricant consumption

·         Reduction in unplanned maintenance and catastrophic failure

·         Greater machine and plant reliability

·         Reduction in maintenance and service costs

·         Reduction in fuel consumption

·         Reduced carbon footprint


Savings Area

Low End

High End

Fuel Efficiency



Lubricant reduction






Improved Reliability



How do we Work?

We conduct a Situation Analysis on site to review current practices and operational issues combined with a visual assessment.  On completion we provide you with options in consideration of your constraints and budget.  These options will include a plan of action; your specific target benefits and return on investment.  In consultation with you we agree on the required option and the normal stages are as follows:  

·         Situation Analysis (2 – 3 days)

·         Mobilisation and Implementation plan (2 – 4 weeks)

·         Commencement of a FLAC Guard Solution (3 – 6 months)

·         Realisation of benefits (9 – 12 months)

·         Return on investment (4:1 in 12 months)

How does the FLAC Guard Solution work?

Based on over 12 years research, development and successful implementation we have developed a fully integrated Fuel, Lube, Air and Coolant Management system known as FLAC Guard Solution.  The aim of the solution is to give you more reliable equipment at the lowest possible operational costs.  Our solution is fully versatile and can be used in many different applications, from the smallest car or compressor to locomotives, boats and the largest earth-moving equipment.  FLAC Guard Solution is suitable for use on hydraulic systems, engines, transmissions, final drives, fuel systems and transformers.