Increased Component Life of up to 4 times

FLAC Guard consistently extends component life of equipment and prevents premature failure. We achieve this in many ways; including maintenance of fluid cleanliness levels of fluids of up to 4 times cleaner than new fluids (OEM recommendations). Using new oil OEM’s advise that component life averages around 1,050 hours between failures. Industry is typically experiencing anything from one quarter to a half of the expected life of components before failure occurs.

Using the FLAC Guard Solution failures are predicted before they occur and the meantime between failures is extended to around of 3,800 hours, protecting your profits and reducing the total cost of ownership of your equipment.

FLAC Guard works strictly by utilizing oil analysis, and it is on the evidence of the analysis that the maintenance effort is aligned. This approach has a direct impact on the total cost of ownership of the equipment where we achieve an increased life of up to 3.62 times. Without the disruption and significant costs related to premature failure in operation. 

FLAC Guard provides the tools needed to prevent instantaneous cost of failure' (ICOF) and introduces a proactive technique to help companies recognize and prevent this tremendous waste of money.

The total cost related to instantaneous failure can be as much as 10 times the cost of the prevention and repair in the workshop before instantaneous

Times longer

FLAC Guard has surpassed the previously best demonstrated practice held by Sishen Iron Ore Mine who typically achieves 7,000 hrs for hydraulic oil. FLAC Guard is currently achieving in excess of 12,000 hours. This is achieved consistently without failure, work interruptions and in fact this hydraulic oil has been in use in the machine since August 2006.

The oil analysis is confirmed by an independent lab and is evidence that the oil is good for continued use. The ISO rating is at 15/12, the additive package is unaffected and the oxidation levels are with in specification. These results are achieved using our FLAC Guard program intellectual property which has taken many years of research and development.  Our program facilitates our ability to implement this unique approach on client sites to start realising the same kind of benefits.


Independent Oil Analysis - Example  


Reduced Carbon Emissions

FLAC Guard has a significant improvement on the combustion process, this improvement results in a total efficacy of combustion. We have conducted internal tests to establish the benefit as it relates to carbon emissions, and will as part of the program measure and record the data which can then be verified externally.

Meaningful emission reductions can only occur if they can be measured at the level of operator or installation and reported. It is best practice to base line current emission levels and monitors these emissions once the program commences, we will formally record these emissions in an inventory register which can be verified by an external audit and reported to a regulator.